HERMA PE films
non top-coated

Flexible and pliable

HERMA PE films non top-coated

The glossy, corona pre-treated surface yields good printing quality in screen, letterpress and flexo printing. Before printing, we recommend a refreshing of the corona pre-treatment. It is possible to manufacture very attractive glossy labels, which are preferentially used on PE-surfaces for recycling reasons. The high flexibility also permits an unproblematic adhesion on curved surfaces.

The films are equipped with our innovative pressure-sensitive film adhesive 62Xpc. Thanks to its specially developed intermediate layer, the die cutting is noticeably improved. The pressure-sensitive adhesive has very high initial adhesion and in its stuck-on condition is resistant against humidity, soaps and oils. That is why it is especially suitable for product labels in the body care and cosmetics industry. The pressure-sensitive adhesive also has the ISEGA-certificate for direct food contact on fetty surfaces.

Range of products

Product Material code Properties Thickness in µm Applications

HERMA PE white



For manufacturing highly attractive, glossy, opaque labels. Can also be used on curved surfaces.


HERMA PE transparent



For manufacturing highly attractive, glossy labels. Can also be used on curved surfaces.

Seewater-resistant as per BS 5609/II and therefore suitable for marine shipment of dangerous goods.*
Suitable for technical applications.*

*In combination with the proper adhesive.


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