Self-adhesive Materials for
the pharmaceutical

Self-adhesive Materials for the pharmaceutical industry

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In no other industry is reliable, accurate product identification of such critical importance. And it´s not just a matter of ensuring that the product information is correct. The labels must also work flawlessly.


Our newest adhesive, HERMAsuperPerm 63S, was developed in our laboratory especially for original closures and security labels. Ist excellent adhesion makes it superior to other, more expensive solutions.


  • Extremely strong adhesion
  • Labelling of curved surfaces with small radii
  • Labelling around corners
  • Tamper-proof
  • Resistance to damage
  • ISEGA certification for direct labelling of blood bags


  • Primary packaging
  • Direct labelling of blood bags
  • Sealing labels
  • Original closure and security labels (tamper-evident)
  • Labels for blood collection tubes, syringes and vials

The Solution

Our standard adhesives 62A, 62D, 62Z, 63B and 63Z are ISEGA-certified for direct labelling of blood bags. All of our standard adhesives are ISEGA-certified for direct contact with foodstuffs, which means they are safe in every way.


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