Self-adhesive Materials
for the automotive
and electrical

Self-adhesive Materials for the automotive and electrical industry

Brochure - automotive and electrical industry
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The requirements in the automotive and electrical industry are very stringent and diverse. Machinery, equipment and technical components must be labelled under extreme conditions. The labels adhere firmly even when exposed to moisture and temperature fluctuations.

HERMA adhesive materials with UL certification

Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) is an independent testing institute in the USA that inspects products for compliance with consumer protection standards. UL certification is an essential criterion for products supplied to the American automotive industry. HERMA odders you a wide range of UL-certified adhesives.


  • Barcode labels
  • Paint mask labels
  • Engine compartment labels
  • Product labels
  • Security labels
  • Tamper-evident labels (original closure)
  • Transport labels
  • Rating plates
  • Geräte- und MaschienenetikettenEquipment and machinery labels
  • VDA labels


  • High scratch and smudge resistance
  • UL-certified
  • Conformity with REACH
  • Temperature resistance
  • Seawater resistance
  • Rough substrates
  • Very good TT printability
  • Resistant to oil and moisture
  • Conformity with RoHs

The Solution

With its many types of adhesive, HERMA is able to offer you the right solution for even the most critical application. UV-cured acrylate hot-melt adhesives provide especially strong adhesion, even on highly curved, rough, dusty and oily surfaces.


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