From added layers to added value.


Raise the curtain for a new age of multi-layer curtain coating technology. Our already proven acrylic adhesives are applied in conjunction with a new specially developed second layer. This technology has enabled the production of new, innovative products.

HERMAperfectStick » 62Dps

Green light for the direct food contact.

The adhesive 62Dps was checked and released for the direct food contact to ISEGA. The adhesive layer is allowed to come into direct contact with dry, moist and fatty (correction factor 3) foodstuff.


HERMAperfectTack » 62Gpt

Our standard specialist at low temperatures and moist surfaces.

HERMAperfectTack (62Gpt) a further product of the innovative multi-layer coating technology based on standard acrylic adhesive. The new developed second layer improves the tack particulary for low temperature and moist surfaces.


HERMAperfectCut » 62Xpc

This film adhesive makes wishes come true!

The innovative film adhesive 62Xpc not only improves the processing properties of adhesive film, it also provides better adhesion. Once applied, the adhesive is insensitive to moisture, soap and oil, making it especially suitable for labelling body care products and cosmetics.


HERMAperfectCut » 62Dpc

Perfect for laser printers!

The 62Dpc adhesive represents another important innovation.  The adhesive will not run out at the die-cut edges because of the use of  a new specially developed second layer. Adhesion is unaffected. This makes it perfect for laser printers.


HERMAperfectCut » 65Tpc

The problem solver for difficult applications!

Plasticizer-free dispersion adhesive manufactured by multilayer-technology with perfect die-cutting properties. The high cohesive force of the adhesive prevents any bleeding, meaning that there is no need for adhesive-free zones and borders. The result is higher productivity thanks to significantly lower production downtime.


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